Roatan, HN • Trip

›› 04 July - 18 July 2009

Roatan Pictures

A subset of the pictures from the trip.

First morning. Looks like it will be a nice two weeks.
One of our frequent evening visitors.
It looks like there are some divers beyond this ridge.
Black durgeon swimming past.
One of the many turtles.
A Goby guarding the coral.
There's a worm on my brain and it looks like a Goby is hiding under the tree.
Blue Parrot.

Insert Monty Python skit here.
Two four-eyed Butterfly Fish.
Feeling kind of blue.
Got a quick shot of this Drum as I swam through a canyon.
Spotted this baby Porcupine fish in the shallow turtle grass. You can see the spots and barbs.
This would make a good desktop background.
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