Bonaire, NA • Trip

›› 09 Dec - 16 Dec 2006

Underwater Pics Overview

The pictures were taken with Kathy's camera. Unfortunately, I did not wear extra weight to help steady me and the camera is also not weighted to make it neutrally bouyant.

For my own ease, the pictures are in chronological order.

For some viewers, the pictures will expand when the cursor is positioned over top of them. A larger picture is still available by clicking on the picture.

Dive Pictures

Found this Moray eel at the start of the dive.
My dive buddy Mike.
Sea anenomae.
Note to self: turn the flash on.
A trumpetfish hanging out on the reef. The trumpetfish can change colour to match the corral they are near. They are frequently seen upright in the gorgonians.
Something I had not noticed that much before but saw many times on this trip were small trumpetfish swimming just above and a little behind other fish, similar to shark remora.
A cleaner shrimp that was a little more in the open. Sorry about the movement.
The Christmas tree worms did not seem to be bothered by the presence of divers.
A trunkfish deciding I was less than interesting.
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